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January 7, 2012


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This is a True Story, and I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Read This


At the very beginning of this year, a Brazilian girl named Laryssa had just returned home from visiting her aunt's house when she found an abandoned dog at her doorstep. The poor thing was clearly starving, and was covered in mange, fleas, and ticks. Bones were clearly visible beneath the skin, and, though her father doubted he would live, she insisted on taking him in and trying to help him recover.

He refused to drink milk and rejected any food they offered him, though he drank water.

Laryssa desperately needed some help and advice, so she posted pictures of the dog here on DeviantART along with his story, which can be found here:

I would never have known of this terrible occurence if it had not been for my friend :iconwolfselkey:. Knowing that I am experienced with dogs and know a lot about them, she shared :iconkarolusdiversion:'s journal with me, which spread the word about Laryssa's situation. (The Journal can be found here:… ) After reading the journal, I immediately took action on looking further into the situation, and gave as much advice to Laryssa as I could.

I advised her to contact an animal shelter or veterinarian right away, but she told me that they weren't much help. The pet stores around the area in which she lives treats their animals cruelly and with neglect. Laryssa told me of a bird cage that was practically stuffed full of birds that would trample each other, and they were clearly sick and in bad condition. She described it as shown in the animated film "Rio" for those of you have seen it. This is how animals are treated in her area of Brazil.

Since calling for help wasn't an option, I advised her to continue offering different types of food to see if he would take any of it, and to always make sure he had fresh water available as well as shade from the heat. She said he was very friendly and did not seem to be agressive or fearful at all, though he still refused to eat.

I continued to give her as much advice as I could, but I'm afraid it just wasn't enough. The dog had likely been out on the streets for a week or more without food or water before Laryssa had even found him, so he had a very small chance of survival...

After staying up late each night and putting all her energy into trying to save this poor animal, Laryssa still had to see this poor dog die.

It saddens me, knowing that people across the globe mistreat and abandon animals every day without realizing that they are killing a living thing...animals that could have had a chance at life. They could have grown up to be strong adults, had kids, and lived happy lives with their family. Their pups could have become a young child's first pet and loyal companion for life. These animals could have lived long, happy lives if they had just been given the chance.

Please take this story into your life and consider all the things you can do to help stop animal cruelty, neglect, and mistreatment.

This is just one innocent life lost in thousands that could disappear today from animal cruelty.


Please Help Stop Animal Cruelty!



Esta é uma história verdadeira e eu apreciaria muito se lessem isso.


No início desse ano, uma brasileira chamada Laryssa tinha acabado de voltar pra casa da visita à casa de sua tia quando encontrou um cão abandonado em sua porta. O pobrezinho estava claramente morrendo de fome e estava coberto de sarna, pulgas e carrapatos. Os ossos eram claramente visíveis sob a pele e embora seu pai achasse que ele não sobreviveria, levou-o para tentar ajudá-lo a se recuperar.

Ele se recusou a beber leite e rejeitou qualquer alimento que lhe foi oferecido, embora ele tenha bebido água.

Laryssa precisava desesperadamente de alguma ajuda e conselhos, então ela postou fotos do cão aqui no DeviantART, juntamente com a sua história, que podem ser encontrados aqui:

Eu nunca teria sabido dessa ocorrência terrível se não fosse pela minha amiga :iconwolfselkey:. Sabendo que eu sou experiente com cães e sei muito sobre eles, ela compartilhou o jornal da :iconkarolusdiversion: comigo, que espalhava uma palavra sobre a situação de Laryssa. (O jornal pode ser encontrado aqui:… ). Depois de ler o jornal, eu entrei em ação imediatamente em como olhar mais a situação e dei muitos conselhos no que pude à Laryssa.

Eu a aconselhei a entrar em contato com um abrigo de animais ou com um veterinário imediatamente, mas ela me disse que eles não foram de muita ajuda. Os pet shops ao redor da área em que vive trata os seus animais cruelmente e com negligência. Laryssa me disse de uma gaiola de pássaro que foi praticamente recheada de aves que atropelavam umas as outras e elas eram claramente doentes e em más condições. Ela descreveu-o como mostrado no filme de animação "Rio" para aqueles que tenham visto. É assim como os animais são tratados em sua área do Brasil.

Uma vez que pedir ajuda não era uma opção, eu a aconselhei a continuar oferecendo diferentes tipos de alimentos para ver se ele comeria alguma coisa, e sempre ter certeza que ele tinha água doce disponível, bem como sombra contra o calor. Ela disse que ele era muito simpático e não parecia ser agressivo ou ter medo de ninguém, embora ele ainda se recusasse a comer.

Eu continuei a dar-lhe conselhos, tanto quanto pude, mas temia que apenas isso não era suficiente. O cão provavelmente tinha ficado nas ruas durante uma semana ou mais sem comida ou água antes do pai de Laryssa o encontrar, então ele tinha uma chance muito pequena de sobrevivência...

Depois de ficarem até tarde da noite colocando toda a sua energia na tentativa de salvar este pobre animal, Laryssa ainda tinha que ver este pobre cão morrer.

Entristece-me, sabendo que as pessoas em todo o globo maltratam e abandonam os animais todos os dias sem perceber que eles estão matando um ser vivo... Animais que poderiam ter tido uma chance na vida. Eles poderiam ter crescido e se tornado adultos fortes, ter filhos, e viverem uma vida feliz com sua família. Seus filhotes poderiam ter se tornado o primeiro animal de estimação de uma criança e serem companheiros leais para toda a vida. Estes animais poderiam ter vivido vidas longas, felizes, se tivessem dado a eles uma chance.

Por favor, tome esta história em sua vida e considere todas as coisas que você pode fazer para ajudar a parar a crueldade, negligência e maus-tratos contra os animais.

Esta é apenas uma vida inocente perdida em milhares que poderiam desaparecer hoje com a crueldade contra os animais.


Por favor, ajude a parar a crueldade contra os animais!



~Kaira Wolf
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iSnowOnAsh Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know this journal is about 3 months old now but I just read everything about the dog that lost it's life.

Overseas vets and shelters for animals wouldn't help. The animal would have to be caged and shipped or flown to the other country, where vets would have to be on board maintaining 24 hour maintainance on the sick/injured animals. That and even in countries like the US and my own (Australia), shelters are overflowing as it is.

I recently adopted a dog from a shelter, who was very friendly but timid. She would flinch when I moved my arm near her too quickly, and often runs off or backs away thinking I'm going to hit her, which leads me to believe she was abused.
The shelter I got her from is known for putting dogs down quickly, and many pet stores buy from puppy farms or are not knowledgeable about the animals they handle, for example, I cant go to a single pet store without seeing 5 or more dead betta fish.

Shelters are crowded enough as it is. Adding other countries dogs to our own just means more will be put down.

We need people who do care to go there, and campaign to make a difference.
Exactly. I'm saying that people over in South America need to be aware that how they are treating their pets is wrong, and start making shelters. I know that shelters over here aren't going to do any good; I was only saying that we need a worldwide shelter, as in a whole chain of shelters in every country. I know it's a longshot, but I can dream, right?
iSnowOnAsh Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I think I understand what you mean now.

Still, other countries /do/ have shelters, but have just stopped caring. As I stated before, to make a difference people need to move there. Heck, could even have to lead to overthrowing many governments to actually take control- though from the sounds of it the people are the problem, too. Not all, but the majourity seem to have few values for animal life.

Someone needs to be an eye-opener to the people of countries like the one this dog was in. Once that happens, we could bring in more shelters.

But you're right, I'd love to see something happen as well.
EmyliaHawke Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Keliea-Hikari-Takeru Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I completely see where your coming from and mark me im going to do EVERYTHING in my power to raise people against animal cruelty, EVERYTHING, thanks for opening my eyes, it's time for all this to stop
Keliea-Hikari-Takeru Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay, i'm making a group to rebel against it, it may not stop anything but it's just to get the word out y'know?
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